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3 HOUR SEAL CRUISES TO MUSKEGET ISLAND*                       HUGE Discounts Available


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Seals AND Fishing on The Same Trip!

" I have been out here my whole life...
I had no idea that I would enjoy this trip as much as I did."
Sue G. July 2005

Trips Start With A Tour Through Historic Nantucket Harbor

We depart from the Town Pier in Nantucket Harbor for a sea cruise tour of Nantucket Islands Historic Harbor and beyond to the Nantucket North Shore. Running close along Jetties, Steps, Dionis and 40th Pole Beaches offers a front seat view from the sea of the homes and sites along the way. Experiencing the scenic North Shore of Nantucket while gently gliding atop the waves will offer memories not soon forgotten. 

Cruising Close To Shore We Always Have a Lot To See

At Madaket Harbor Eel Point we head out onto the Flats of Tuckernuck Island with remote Muskeget Island as our destination. Running the flats we will view numerous sea birds, feeding fish, shipwrecks and lobstermen all in the clear turquoise
blue, emerald green and Aztec gold waters of Nantucket Islands West End. It is here in the stunning blue and green waters of Tuckernuck Island that we will begin to see small groups of seals swimming and diving while they feed on fish getting pulled by the tide over the sandbar edges of the flats. Spotting the seals and sites along the way offers great fun for all as we travel to our final destination of Muskeget Island.

"Seal HO!" Kids On Our Trips Participate In Spotting The Seals

Just like on the old whaling ships, all of our crew gets involved with spotting the seals while we cruise to our main "Seal Grounds."

In the clear shallow water of Muskeget Island you will see the seals swim and play in their natural environment. The protected waters of Muskeget are a happy playground for the seals and the
eco-design of our boat ensures that we do not disturb them while they let us share their home. By blending into the environment that the seals live in assures that we see them in their most relaxed, playful state. You will get within feet of the seals - often they will swim right under your feet! Sometimes they will even give us a playful splash of water from their flippers just for fun.

Explore Remote Islands Around Tuckernuck and Muskeget

We can land on the beach just like a landing craft in the old WWII Movies. It is just one short step from the boat to the beach. The Nantucket Adventures experience is unlike anything else offered on Nantucket.

We limit our groups to 10 passengers or less to assure that everyone gets the closest, most intimate experience with the animals. Our open boat design and low sides assures that everyone gets a great view and that everyone feels like they are part of the action. If you think of our boat as an open top Rover like you would see on safari, you will get a great idea of what our experience offers.

Fun For The Whole Family

FREE Ice Cream!
Free Ice Cream. All of our little shipmates get a coupon for a free Schark Attack Snack double scoop at Nantucket Ice Cream / Juice Guys Smoothies on Straight Wharf at the end of their Seal Encounter Cruise. Compliments of Capt. Schark and Nantucket Ice Cream.* offer expires 08/31/08

Fishing on our Seal Encounter Cruises

For our guests who enjoy catching a few fish on their trip we are now including fishing time on our Private Charters. We chase a few bass, blues, false albacore and bonita by trolling or light tackle casting. Just let us know when booking your reservation so that we can have the boat all rigged and ready to go for you. We do need to cut our time with the seals a little short and we often need to limit our beach time, but we custom tailor the trip to your desires. It is a great way to make sure everyone in the family gets the most out of the adventure. 

3.0 Hour Cruises:
Seal Encounter with Beach Adventure and/or Fishing Time
By Private Charter with select departure times*

2.5 Hour Cruises:
Seal Encounter - Fishing Time Possible on Private Charters Only
By Private Charter and Per-Person Group trips on select departures*

"We got to see a lot of seals up close,
which was totally unexpected."
Chris M. June 2007

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Nantucket Seal Cruise to Tuckernuck Island and Muskeget Island

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Large Heard of Tuckernuck Grey Seals on Muskeget Island

* All departures have cruise times up to the advertised total duration time.*
*Total Cruise duration times vary due to sea, seal and weather conditions. *

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