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Nantucket Adventures offers the opportunity for everyone to explore the most remote areas of Nantucket by water. Most people have heard of Tuckernuck Island and  Muskeget Island, but few have had the opportunity to experience them. This is why we have created Nantucket Adventures.

Eco-Designed Boat

We have Eco-Designed our boat to be the safest vessel for our guests as well as being the safest vessel for our environment. This allows us to journey into  the most remote ecosystems where the greatest density of  wildlife resides. We do it all safely while having some serious FUN!

Seal Sighting Guarantee
Tuckernuck Island Grey Seals On our Nantucket Seal Cruise to Muskeget Island, we get you closer to the action. We are the first and only Eco-Tour on Nantucket to offer a Seal Sighting Guarantee. Experience makes a difference when it comes to Eco-Adventure. Our crew are all master captains, wildlife guides and naturalists which assures that the Nantucket Adventures Experience is the best there is.

FREE Ice Cream!
Free Ice Cream. All of our little shipmates get a coupon for a free Schark Attack Snack double scoop at Nantucket Ice Cream / Juice Guys on Straight Wharf at the end of their Seal Encounter Cruise. Compliments of Capt. Schark and Nantucket Ice Cream. *
*offer expires 08/31/09

"My family will remember this trip for a lifetime."
Ryan C. Aug. 2004

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Guaranteed Seal Sightings

Nantucket Adventures
Nantucket Adventures Seal Encounter Cruise to Muskeget Island

Nantucket Adventures Seal Encounter Cruise to Muskeget Island

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Nantucket Adventures Nantucket Seal Cruise to Tuckernuck Island and Muskeget Island

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